Smart Keys & Programming

Lost a Key or having issues with your existing Keys or Fobs? Here at Surrey Smart Centre we have the means and experience to solve your problem, from simple advice to the programming or supply of complete keys, we are here to help, please contact us direct for the best solution!

Have a key flashing nine times but not opening your doors? Sometimes this can simply be a low battery in the key, but more commonly on older models, the key has a transmission issue and needs re-programming. Not a problem, thanks to our diagnostics system, with a simple re-coding we’ll soon have you on your way!

Have a key fob with missing buttons or falling to pieces? Both of these issues can be addressed with a replacement Transmitter/fob which we can supply and code as required.

Need a spare key or a replacement lost key? Again, both these issues can be resolved with a replacement key fob, key blade and programme all of which can be sorted here at Surrey Smart Centre, please call us direct on 0208 686 4030 for bookings or further advice.

Have no keys for whatever reason? Although we can NOT help on the newer 451 models (2007 or newer), we can help on earlier models. Although not as simple as any of the above, as we will require the car at our premises, this can again be cured with new key blades and key fobs! Please call us direct on 0208 686 4030 for further instruction!


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