Custom Red Edition Brabus


Starting life as an all silver Brabus Exclusive Convertible, one of our customers approached us with a view to recreating a new version of the older 450 Brabus Red Edition. Our customer had already arranged for a complete respray of both Tridion Passenger cell and all body panels in Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red along with a repaint of all trims in gloss black rather than the standard black unpainted ABS plastic.


The Brabus Monoblock VI wheels where sent to Wheel Works to be refurbished and re coloured in Anthracite bringing them inline with the customer’s vision of what he required.

Next came our role in this recreation, the interior; The Brabus sports seats were covered in light grey Alcantra with red stitching and a red leather inset. The dash was stripped and  the top section re trimmed, again in light grey Alcantra while the lower section was recovered in red leather to match the seat insets. We removed several internal parts for the customer so they could also be painted in Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red, including the dial bezels, door handles, steering wheel centre and dashboard ends all of which were refitted when reinstalling the completed interior, helping to bring the interior inline with the new respray.

Brabus-Red-Edition-451-Exclusive-Custom-Smart-Interior1   Brabus-Red-Edition-451-Exclusive-Custom-Smart-Interior2

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